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Win Freerunner on DVD!

Freerunner DVD

It’s Freerunner, hitting DVD from Image Entertainment. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Demanding, dangerous and daring, urban acrobatic freerunning combines athleticism with audacity with imagination. Inspired by the stunts of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Buster Keaton and more recently the exciting opening chase sequence of Casino Royale, modern free runners weave through their environment by vaulting, running, climbing and jumping.

Sean Faris (Never Back Down) stars as Ryan, a freerunner desperately trying to break free from Reese (Tamer Hassan, Kick-Ass), a mobster who controls a stable of street runners. They got into the sport for the rush and for the money: but now they’re running for their lives! With exploding collars locked around their necks, they have one hour to make it across town: all for the amusement of Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer, “Foyle’s War”) and a gambling organization betting on who will win…there is no second place. World Champion Freerunner Ryan Doyle costars with Seymour Cassel (“The Flight of the Conchords”) in this exhilarating film filled with explosive action and mind-blowing stunts!

Trailer? Sure thing. Warning: NSFW for boobs.

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