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Our Winners Are Ready for Sweater Weather!


Courtney Hedden of California, Ruth Vick of Ohio, and George Barksdale of New Hampshire will be living the life with Sweet Life on DVD

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Family will be busting in on Terry Seward of British Columbia

Henry Rummel of North Dakota will be swimming around with Underwater Universe: Season 1

Blood Night: Legend of Mary Hatchet will be going to Robyn Conrad of Pennsylvania

Billy the Exterminator Season 3 can smush some vermin with Scott Sasaki of Texas

Eric Carlson of Wisconsin can show pride for the Doc with the Real McCoy T-Shirt

Wild Cherry will be getting crazy with Tom Kaplan of Indiana and Regina Schoen of Michigan

Lena Cofer of Arizona will reign supreme with Dinocroc vs. Supergator

Move over, Mayor McCheese–Mayor Cupcake goes to Lane Hall of Oklahoma, Clark Franks of Mississippi, Alex Liang of New York, Jason Hines of Kentucky, and Cindy Thurman of Arkansas

It’s getting chilly for Olivia Leland of New Jersey, who has won Cold Day in Hell

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