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Win Heroic Doses of Ed Hardy Energy Snacks!

Ed Hardy Energy Sticks: Pomegranate

Ed Hardy Energy Sticks. I’ve mentioned them and other member of the Ed Hardy Energy line of goodies before. The sticks were my favorite of the lot, to be sure. They contain caffeine, which I and many of you crave.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. A game that many of you crave.

What do these two things have in common? Don’t worry, it’s not a pop quiz. I’ll tell you straight up. They’re debuting on November 8th at midnight. Because when CoD:MW3 rolls out at Best Buy stores, the Sticks will be rolling out as well. Not just that, but they’re giving out free samples there and you can buy some as well. This is good: because sometimes when you’re playing a marathon session, you need a little pick-me-up, right? Of course. For more info on the game rollout, check it out here. We’ve got something you can do as you’re waiting for the day to hit–more on that in a moment.

Other things you need to know about the sticks: Zero calories. Zero sugar. Zero fat. All natural pomegranate or orange flavors. You get three powdered sticks per pack and that compares to an energy drink (80mg per stick).

Oh, and we’re giving them away–that’s the thing you can do, since contest ends the day the game comes out. Handy. But no, sorry, we’re not giving away the game…just the fuel for the game. In fact, we’re giving away a ludicrous amount of the stuff, and it’s all caffeinated. So remember that caffeine is not to be screwed around with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Use it responsibly, okay? I say this because…well, here are two grand prize packs that we’re giving away:

  • One 10-count display box of 3-packs of Ed Hardy Energy Sticks, pomegranate flavor
  • One 10-count display box of 3-packs of Ed Hardy Energy Sticks, orange flavor
  • One 12-count display box of tins of Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints (20mg of caffeine per mint)
  • One 12-count display box of Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks boxes (20mg of caffeine per chocolate)
  • One 12-count display box of Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks boxes (20mg of caffeine per chocolate)
  • Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints
    The mints in question. Nice doggy.

    That’s right. It’s not just enough for you, it’s enough for your entire gaming crew. Or, I don’t know, maybe you’ve got a tolerance level and it is just enough for you. Who can say?

    For more information about the Ed Hardy line of edible wake-your-ass-up aids–and to snag them if you simply can’t wait–check out their official site here.

    Why are we doing this? Because nothing exceeds like excess. And when we find something we like, we like to share it. Your friends at Ed Hardy want you to share your wakefulness as well. So make sure to mark your calendars (if they’re not marked already) for November 8th. And then enter this contest…because we’re giving away two grand prize packs and one runner-up back that’s the same except without the Energy Mints. How do you win? Enter using the form below. And remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you win one of the packs. Good luck!

    Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

    But be of good cheer! For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.

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