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Win Baseball’s Greatest Games: Collector’s Edition on DVD!

Baseball's Greatest Games: Collector's Edition DVD

It’s the massitastic Baseball’s Greatest Games: Collector’s Edition, hitting DVD from A&E. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

MLB has opened its archive of classic, historic, singular, and momentous games and compiled the 10 classics in BASEBALL’S GREATEST GAMES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION, an unprecedented collection of exceptional and iconic games on DVD. These extraordinary, digitally restored television broadcasts from the MLB Archives have earned their place in this gallery of greatness, an unprecedented 11-DVD set that features 10 complete games, along with a bonus disc featuring exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage.

The contests in BASEBALL’S GREATEST GAMES stand the test of time because of history-changing impact, dramatic brilliance, or heroic exploits. These are the games that forged Fall Classic heroes and created the most memorable moments of Major League Baseball. From walk-off World Series wins to mind-numbing comebacks, from personal excellence to legendary lineups, these are the unforgettable games that time and history have lifted to a place of honor and fame. And fans across the globe will now be able to view the original television broadcasts and witness history in its competitive context as it unfolded inning-by-inning and pitch-by- pitch.

The GREATEST GAMES — many of which have been enhanced with synchronized radio play-by-play from the home town broadcast team — collected in this singular set include:

· 1960 WS, GAME 7 (Pirates vs. Yankees)
· 1975 WS, GAME 6 (Red Sox vs. Reds)
· 1979 WRIGLEY FIELD SLUGFEST (Phillies vs. Cubs)
· 1985 NLCS, GAME 5 (Cardinals vs. Dodgers)
· 1986 WS, GAME 6 (Mets vs. Red Sox)
· 1991 WS, GAME 7 (Twins vs. Braves)
· 1992 NLCS, GAME 7 (Pirates vs. Braves)
· 1993 WS, GAME 6 (Blue Jays vs. Phillies)
· 2003 ALCS, GAME 7 (Red Sox vs. Yankees)
· 2004 ALCS, GAME 4 (Red Sox vs. Yankees)

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