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Our Winners Hit the Kill Screen!

Pac-Man kill screen

Jackboots on Whitehall will be goose-stepping over to Laura Smoot of Mississippi, Alex Rich of New York, and Jerry Bottoms of Kentucky

Madison Roland of Kentucky, Paula Anderson of New Jersey and Lonnie Mahurin of Oklahoma should dig out some perfume or light a candle: because the DVD title is a warning, after all. They’ve won I’m Dirty & I Stink.

Christopher Baker of Tennessee and Eileen Lammers of Missouri have clear skies ahead despite the fact they’ve won Turbulent Skies.

House of Payne Volume 8 will be welcoming a new neighbor, namely Jack Beatty of Massachusetts.

We hope Marty Carter of Missouri and Ann Marie Brown of Alberta like their DVDs Medium Raw…because that’s what they just won.

Johnny Strait of Oregon has a date with American history and America: The Story of Us.

The Scream of the Banshee will be keeping Ronald Richards of Florida, Nikki Bennett of South Dakota and Sherry Fitzpatrick of Michigan awake.

The Robopocalypse will be witnessed by Regina Lemmons of Virginia.

And Jim Corham of Hawaii, Paula Tavernie of Alabama and Mary Lake of South Dakota will be undertaking The Task.

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