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Our Winners Outwin Everything… Including Three Dogs and an Awesome Hat

Three dogs and awesome hat!

Jose Lopez of Michigan can wear the dashing Space Invaders Strike Back t-shirt.

Empire of Assassins can teach Hannah Benson of Alabama, Steve Blankenbaker of Idaho, and Kyra Troyan of California some new moves.

Doug Hall of Rhode Island and Albert Baker of Delaware can borrow a cup of sugar from Girls Next Door Season 6.

Kenneth George of Delaware, Stephen Wilson of Ontario, Joe Mueller of Wisconsin can rock out with Roxette Greatest Hits.

PJs Season 2 will be inviting Pierre Martin of Calfornia, Dani Thomas of Arkansas, and Amy Taylor of Tennessee to the party.

Three great tastes that taste great together! The Guns, Germs, & Steel Audiobook goes to Herb Andrews of South Carolina.

Mitch Berne of Pennsylvania, Marty Costa of Massachusetts, and Robert Turney of Texas can ask a favor of The Last Godfather.

Robert Miller of North Carolina gets the Nerdcore tee.

Marla Levi of New Jersey, Eric Ivins of Georgia, and Brian Kautz of Michigan will be battling evil with Witchville .

The Maine Audiobook goes to Jolie Masterson of Tennessee.

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