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The Bark of Victory!

Dog With Ribbons

According to Jim Season 4 goes to Travis Klinger of Pennsylvania, Patrick Denson of South Carolina, and Cathy Espinoza of California.

Lifetime Original: Gone will be going to Tiffany Covarrubias of Indiana.

Willie Heckman of Nebraska is off to see the wizard with Yellowbrickroad.

Wayne Lindquist of California, Vanessa Pride of Ontario and Samuel Fried of Virginia will be consulting The Lincoln Lawyer shortly.

Horatio Hornblower will be soon appearing on the horizons of Thomas Cano of Oklahoma.

Goblin will be darkening the door of Laura Marinelli of Georgia, Victor Perrin of Michigan and Richard Lorenc of Florida.

Zin Zin Zin a Violin will be playing the heartstrings of Marvin Eidson of Missouri, Dorothy Middleton of Illinois and Cheryl Steinmann of Wisconsin.

The Thomas Hardy Collection will be collected shortly by Toni O’Connell of Arizona

Way of the West will be heading in multiple directions, to see Karen Beckham of New Hampshire, Bryan Wheels of Wyoming, and Matthew Tyler of Nevada.

And Storage Wars Season 1 is going to get stored at the domicile of Todd Vella of New York.

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Image by Kyz.