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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 20: Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill poster

It’s Blaxsploitation Day on 32 Days of Halloween. And our pick is voodoo zombie fest Sugar Hill. We’ll get to the trailer in a second, but the gist is this: gangsters killed Sugar’s boyfriend when he wouldn’t play ball (metaphorically speaking). Therefore, Sugar is going to get some voodoo powers on her side and kick some serious ass (literally speaking). Not only can she have you zombified, but the process replaces your eyes with shiny ball bearings, apparently. So beware.

Now I want you to pay close attention to scary-as-hell Mama Maitresse. Here’s the trailer:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

“How strong is your hate?” Holy shit, she’s creepy. But I knew I had seen her somewhere before…a quick IMDB check and…just damn, that’s Zara Cully aka Mother Jefferson from The Jeffersons! That’s fantastic. Here’s a second thing that’s fantastic. The poster proclaims the original song for the film is “Supernatural Voodoo Woman” by The Originals. We have it here:

Sugar Hill DVD

Also we have excellent news. This has been out of print for forever but it’s now back in print as part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection. It’s their burn-on-demand label that lets them officially release items without having to either A) charge out the wazoo for them or 2) not release them at all because they’re not going to make any money at it. So here’s your official Region 1 release on DVD. Of course we’d all like bonus features but this is your best bet for the time being. You can sang it from Amazon here.

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