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Win the Audiobook of Double Dexter on CD!

Double Dexter audiobook

It’s the latest Dexter novel by Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter, unabridged and read by the author. It’s out from Random House Audio. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

No one likes a copycat, so why would Dexter Morgan–a self-respecting, soundly homicidal, very decent guy who takes pride in his work? Well, Dexter isn’t all too pleased when he discovers that someone is shadowing him, observing him, and copying his methods. The law doesn’t cover this kind of thing; there are no attorneys, alas, who specialize in homicidal copyright infringement. But Dexter soon realizes something even more unacceptable–this secret admirer is actually trying to set him up and get him captured. Things quickly move from bad to worse when suspicion descends upon Dexter after the murder of Someone We Know, and Dexter is suspended from his beloved fake happy career (working as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department). He really is in trouble now, though we know Dexter has a knack for extricating himself from trouble in his own unique way. Like the previous five best-selling novels in the Dexter series, Doulbe Dexter demonstrates the witty, gruesome originality that Jeff Lindsay brings each time to the table. The Dexter fan base continues to grow, powered by consistently well-reviewed new novels and the record-setting Showtime series, “Dexter,” which just recently set yet another ratings-record for Showtime. Double Dexter is raucously entertaining, full of suspense and dark laughs.

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