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Music Monday: Young the Giant, Robyn Hitchcock, Hyro Da Hero & More…

Young the Giant

More music picks for your Monday with Rob throwing one in for flavor. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

Just note: any prices we quote are accurate as of when this post goes up.

In the endless category of “Stuff Widge Somehow Got On His iPod And Has No Memory of How It Got There,” we have Young the Giant with “My Body,” off their self-titled album, recorded last year in Sacramento. And granted, I’m getting this from Wikipedia (which is always right) but I love the idea that the song originated as a way to break through songwriters’ block. Whatever tools you need, man. Well played. And the result is pretty tasty.

The album is available from Amazon and is cheapest in MP3 form.

Next, Rob throws us some Robyn Hitchcock. He recommended the entirety of the 1999 album Jewels for Sophia. I then tried to get us a live track because, well, they’re just better, aren’t they? This is “No, I Don’t Remember Guildford,” recorded last year live in Tel Aviv.

Jewels is available from Amazon and again, your least amount of coin can be thrown at the MP3 version.

Actually, Doc gets the credit for recommending this one. It’s Hyro Da Hero, which upon hearing this–“Sleeping Giants” from last year’s album, Birth, School, Work, Death–I said, “Oh, it’s Orange 9mm’s bastard child.” To which Doc replied, “Yes, conceived in the back of Rage Against the Machine’s tour bus.” I have no problem with any of this. Sometimes you just want music that desires to break shit.

The album’s available for less than $9 from Amazon as an MP3 bundle.

Now we have a pair: in retrospect, I don’t even know where the hell this came from as it’s not on my iPod and appears to be a fairly recent addition to the world. It’s Datsik and what sounds like an arcade game theme song that got fed through a dubstep shredder. So if you don’t like that sort of thing, you’re really going to hate this. But hey, it’s good for my fevered brain.

And then, for something completely different, it’s a ridiculously smooth reggae track from Cocoa Tea. The song itself has been out since at least last year but that’s the single “A Love Like Yours and Mine” from his upcoming album In A Di Red, which is due out November 6th.

The Datsik isn’t available anywhere at the moment, but Datsik stuff in general can be found at Amazon.

And Amazon is taking pre-orders for Cocoa Tea’s latest release.