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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 8: The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

Bette Davis in The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

We’ve hit Movie Night #8 of 32 Days of Halloween, so welcome to another installment of “Rox of Spazhouse Presents.” And we go to the 1978 miniseries (here in its three-hour form) The Dark Secret of Harvest Home. Rox was inspired to locate this after our recent walk down memory lane regarding TV miniseries on Weekend Justice. She caught it on the first run, she tells me, and ranks it up there with a Halloween III: Season of the Witch level of goodness.

Basically a “family moves out into the country and gets wrapped up in pagan mayhem” sort of tale, it features Bette Davis. And for the record, just as a pro/safety tip…if Bette Davis is ever the matriarch of any society you encounter, then run. Just freaking run. It’s based on the book Harvest Home by Tom Tryon, which Rox also read. Enjoy.


It’s not in print currently (the one DVD version on Amazon is apparently a bootleg and the VHS tape that’s available is priced as a collectible). As for the book, it’s cheaper to buy it as a hardcover used than as a paperback used. Weird.

Previous films brought to you by Rox (who really needs to be a horror host) are Monstroid, Beast From Haunted Cave, Night Tide, a double feature that kicked off with Stan Laurel in Dr. Pyckle, and prior to all of that: the 1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.