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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 19: 13 Demon Street

13 Demon Street

Getting a bit of a late start today due to various and sundry fun things. But we shall catch up shortly. Because Day 19 has generally been about the Chaneys in one form or fashion, we bring you 13 Demon Street. This was a Swedish horror anthology series from the 1950s that Lon Chaney Jr. “hosted.” I put that in quotes because the framing story involves Chaney explaining that he’s presenting these stories because then maybe he can eventually escape the address of the title, where he’s condemned to live because of some unnamed crime he committed. And there’s not much to that…if you’re used to Rod Serling, see what you make of Chaney’s introduction of the story in this, the first episode. (Excuse the subtitles, but this is originally for a Swedish audience…)

See what I mean? That’s groggier than me when I just wake up from my every-two-weeks half-hour nap. Anyway, here’s the second episode. Where things improve a little.

Well, I mean…he did sneak in the setting at the last second.

Not available on DVD here…what’s odd is that one of the episodes is available on Amazon Instant Video. Just one…