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Kickstarter Kthursday #6: Zombie Docu, Dice Rings & the iFlask

Doc of the Dead

So it’s not news that one of the principles that Need Coffee lives by is: “If it’s undead and bleeds, it leads.” We’re zombie fiends here and we’re not ashamed of that fact. So when somebody wants to make a documentary about the rise of zombies in pop culture–and what looks to be a comprehensive and damn good one, too–we take notice.

It’s Doc of the DeadSimon Pegg and George Romero are already interviewed for the thing…and for my part, I want to back it just so I can lay hands upon the footage of the “unique trans-generational zombie town hall meeting featuring George A. Romero, Max Brooks (World War Z) and Steven Schlozman (The Zombie Autopsies), in partnership with Mr. Romero himself, the Denver Film Society and the Mile High Horror Film Festival.”

I know, right? For more info you can check out the official site and the Kickstarter is here. The Kickstarter vid which includes their first trailer comes after the jump:


Something that will be of amusement to our gaming staff and readers: Dice Rings–they’re stainless steel spinner rings. The video (below) makes a decent case for why this is preferable to actual dice. And if you explore the Kickstarter page, you’ll see that they have multiple styles (not just D20) and they’re doing a variation on the Henry Ford quote: you can have any color you want, as long as it’s black with steel engraving. I approve, of course.

By the way, in case you think this video is going to be terminally cheeseball…trust me. Just wait for the animal. You’ll see.

If you’re ever in a place where drinking isn’t necessarily acceptable (or imbibing materials from outside the establishment) but smartphones are, then the iFlask will be of interest. It could reasonably be mistaken for a smartphone, has an opener on the back and holds five ounces of liquid. Amusing. And, as is pointed out in the video, it can be quite practical.

That Kickstarter page can be found here–and they’re letting early birds get in with a slight discount. So be aware.