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Music Monday: Clutters, Wings of Apollo, Just a Band & More…

Clutters: Breaking Bones

More music picks for your Monday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

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We kick off with a Halloweenish music video for The Clutters, a rock band from Nashville.

Friend of Need Coffee (and Solve This panelist) Jay Wade Edwards directed the video.

Here’s what he has to say for himself:


The inspiration for this music video came while sitting in traffic, as many ideas do. I was thinking about two talented actress friends who I’ve been dying to work with. They have similar a similar look, but are about 15 years apart in age. I got the idea of a woman haunted by her former self–the embodiment of her past not allowing her to move forward in life. The haunting becomes so intense that the adult woman finally breaks and bludgeons her younger self to death in an explosion of blood. I saw it as something that could be beautiful and horribly violent in a psychologically uplifting way. Fun!

The awesome new Clutters record was on semi-permanent rotation in my car. “Run” came up and its propulsive, all-out sprinting pace was the perfect match for this idea. Jas Sams and Tara Ochs play the lead roles with an intensity that still blows my mind. With amazing work from Adam Pinney (Cinematography), Alexandra West (Production Design) and Blake Myers (Special Efx make-up and blood), the final video exceeds all my expectations.

Nice. And here it is.

Best way to snag the album, Breaking Bones, is as an MP3 bundle from Amazon. Save about $7 that way.

Next we have a live vid that’s just at my threshold for live vid music quality. I try to use live music wherever possible, since to me that’s when the band is working at their purest–although some bands are indeed just studio entities that can never match what they’re doing in the studio when they’re on stage. Wings of Apollo (we’re still in Nashville) sounds just about as raw as they do here, so that was one reason to give you this video as-is. The other is I’m convinced the bassist is, at any moment, going to bludgeon someone with his instrument. He looks so into it I’m not sure he’ll even notice. Here’s “Can You Hear Me Now.”

Check out more of their stuff on their Soundcloud page. And they’ve released their self-titled album as a pay-what-you-like download from their site.

I found this video because I embedded it after seeing that Kim Boekbinder recommended them in her interview with Wolven. And now I find I can’t stop listening to it. This is “Huff + Puff” from Just a Band, out of Kenya, from their 2009 album 82.

You can snag the entire album as an MP3 bundle from Amazon for $8.

Next we go north of there to Brighton for Dark Horses with their latest single, “Radio.” I find this to be dense and dark and lovely. It’s from their album Black Music, which of course goes with everything I own.

Black Music comes out November 6th…but it’s only going to be available on this side of the pond as an import and thus pricey. So wait until the inevitable MP3 option becomes available.

Lastly, a pair of dance-related tracks. The first is from Parada 88, a band that I can’t seem to find a damn thing about, other than to say they covered “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” originally by Turntable Orchestra from 1989. This version is more polished and hails from a white label release last year–and was collected as part of the label International Feel’s A Compilation, currently available as a limited edition release.

And Nero has released Welcome Reality+, which is sort of like Welcome Reality but with a plus on the end of the title and three bonus tracks. One of them was available as a free download from their official site, one’s a remix that was a B-side of “Me and You,” and the third, “Etude,” I could have sworn I’ve heard before…but not sure where. All of that to say that they’ve replaced the MP3 bundle available on Amazon with this new plus version…but it’s not worth repurchasing.

Still, that song, “Won’t You (Be There),” reminds me of old school Moby…specifically “Thousand.”