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Word-A-Week Vocabulary Vlog #37: Defenestrate

Aaron Poole's Word-a-Week!

Are you dragged down by workaday concerns and worries? Maybe you need to scale back and get some easy wins. Like having a “100 Words to Work Gracefully Into Conversation Before I Die” list, for example. Sure, you want some in there like “Autotonsorialist” (not as perverted as it sounds) or “Mallemaroking” (Hint: Rox has probably done this) but you want reasonably easy wins, yes? Look to Aaron Poole, wordsmith, for the answer. Sure he’s got thirty-seven done…but that’s thirty-seven you don’t need to track down. He’s saving you time…and effort. Get on board! So fear not! Accept no substitutes! This word is one you can use! In conversation! When you’re trying to name your new ska-zydeco band! You can even use it on Twitter and Facebook! And the best part is: this word is free for you to use and share! It is guaranteed DRM-free.

We hope you will join Aaron as he vivisects the frog of ignorance while it’s mounted on the foamboard of knowledge, using the razor sharp instrument…that is Language.

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