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Fun With Spotify: Randomizer & Volume Zero

I Dreamt the Sunlight Carried Us Back Home

As we grind the machine that eventually will produce a shiny new Music Monday (or Tuesday…the machine isn’t new anymore, and sometimes takes a while), please note: there are some offsite music resources that you can take advantage of.

Prof. Tuffley has Randomizer, his series of playlists where I discover 50% of my new music. (The other 50% comes from Rob, of course.) So whatever Tuffley’s got cooking is worthy and must be checked out.

While I’m working on the music posts, those songs plus other things I can’t find embeds for plus just random stuff that I like and amuses me goes into Volume Zero. You can find the most recent (the companion piece to last week’s Music Tuesday), “I Dreamt the Sunlight Carried Us Back Home,” here.

Or, hey, the embeds for the latest playlists of both are below the jump. Enjoy.

Volume Zero cover image adapted from the gorgeous stuff found at “The Farm at the Back of Beyond.”