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A Brand New Way to Come Flip Out With Us

Need Coffee Flipboard iPhone Need Coffee Flipboard iPad

So there I was, staring down the barrel of Google killing their perfectly good (IMO anyway) Reader. Alternatives? There are many. A lot that are way too fancy for me–sometimes you just want a boring damn list of stuff, right?

But then I ran across Flipboard. There is something oddly satisfying about the notion flipping through feeds like they were a magazine. I find this to be especially so on the iPad version of the app, since you are flipping from left to right and, you know, it’s a decent-sized screen for reading things. Especially when you are no-sighted (the ultimate combo of near- and farsighted) like me. It was nifty, sure.

And then they added the ability to create magazines. So of course, I decided to play. We have a Need Coffee Flipboard magazine where not only do we flip stuff from the site but also curated items of wide interest. Most of it utterly mental.

Granted, when we first started doing this madness it was iOS-only for the ability to create and read custom user-driven magazines. But now they’ve added that capability to Android as well, so it’s all skate. (No desktop version available yet, sadly–at least from a reading standpoint.)

If you would like to join our ever growing number of Flippin’ readers, then you can grab the iOS app here and the Android app here. With that accomplished, join us for the madness here.

Does it have capabilities that are perhaps already available elsewhere? Sure. But the flipping motion works for me. Hey, I gotta get exercise somehow, right?