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The Sounds of DragonCon 2013: Orphan Black at X-Track

The Ladies of Orphan Black


This year at DragonCon, the inimitable Leigh–X-Track Director extraordinaire–put together a fan panel to discuss the conspiracies, weird science, and general shady dealings going on in the universe of Orphan Black. Because of our previous discussion on this topic, in the form of my conversation with Graeme Manson, I was invited to participate on this panel, along with Rob Levy, JM Tuffley, and the wonderful Cheryl of X-Track Staff. We had a great time together and we got a lot of excellent questions from the audience.

So if Orphan Black is a thing in which you are or might be interested, then I recommend you enjoy the above podcast. This was the X-Track Orphan Black Fan Panel, Sunday, September 1st, 7pm, Dragon*Con 2013. (Direct download available here–right click and select “Save As” or the equivalent.)

Oh, and the only Orphan Black cosplay I saw, all Dragon*Con, was seen at this panel: a fantastic recreation of the shot of Helena, found at right…

(Season 1 of Orphan Black is available from Amazon on DVD, Blu-Ray and on Amazon Instant Video.)