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From Roomba to Boardable Robot in Just Eleven Years

Kuratas pilot salute

In a video that has quite possibly the most awesome warning in the history of translated warnings, Suidobashi Heavy Industry brings you Kuratas, a robot you can climb inside and pilot. I know, I know–like me, you won’t be satisfied until it can transform into a jet fighter so we can fully address the impending Zentraedi threat. But still, I’ll need you to protect Earth–I have a feeling that, based on the glimpse I saw of the cockpit in the following video, the controls are more Xbox than Battlezone. Which means I’m screwed.

I love that. “You’re not here for safety and comfort. You’re here to climb inside a robot. Are we clear on what’s happening? Good.” Also: kickin’ theme music.

The beast’s official website is here. Found at Coldalbion’s Tumblr via Wolven (no surprises there).

And after watching that video, I think there’s only one appropriate response.