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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 12: The Devil’s Daughter (1973)

Shelley Winters and Jonathan Frid from The Devils Daughter (1973)

Another Spazhouse pick for this evening: it’s 1973’s The Devil’s Daughter. Here’s what Rox has to say for herself:

“Shelley Winters and a whole house of 70s character actors such as Jonathan Frid from Dark Shadows. I have vague recollections in watching this. I watched and it has the same glee quality as re-watching other 70s horror where evil triumphs.”

Oops. Spoilers. Well, I mean, it is a Rox pick, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. Anyway, yes, among the cavalcade of actors, look for Diane Ladd and Abe Vigoda. Also be aware that director Jeannot Szwarc was not only often found helming episodes of Night Gallery but is perhaps best known for directing Somewhere in Time. And scribe Colin Higgins is not just best known–but is positively beloved–for being the writer for Harold and Maude. Which if you haven’t seen, then seek professional help.


Also, it appears that Daughter is out of print on DVD. Damn shame, so I guess enjoy it here while you can.