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Stuff You Need to Know: Avengers: Age of Ultron Statue Would Make Coolest Coin Bank Ever

Avengers Age of Ultron Statue

  • Yes, San Diego Comic-Con is upon us. But before we start to smack into all of that, I’ve been meaning to make sure you’ve seen the trailer for Tom Hardy in Legend


    Admittedly, the title leaves a little to be desired, but the performances look fricking amazing.

  • As you can imagine, Marvel and Disney are going to be going nuts this weekend…but only one ball to the wall as they’re saving one in reserve for their own D23 convention, happening next month. One thing that caught our eye, though: the statue from the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. It exists and is on display at SDCC. And in the article on io9, they say Marvel may release a version of it for sale eventually. That’s a cute thought. Marvel is owned by Disney. Disney has never met a product tie-in it didn’t like. What I’m trying to say is: start saving your pennies.

    And while we’re on the subject of Marvel’s heroes, the ESPN Magazine “Body Issue” is going to feature artwork depicting nine heroes wearing clothing that could be considered to be…ahem…made of molecules so unstable they don’t actually show up at all. To Kim: no Hawkeye, sorry. To Leigh: no Coulson, sorry. Source.

  • Ben Affleck is to direct and star in a Batman movie. To our knowledge, it will not be called “Day of Justice” or something along those lines. Geoff Johns would potentially co-write the film with Affleck. Hollywood Reporter states that all this was a provision in Affleck’s Bat-contract, but Variety states that he’s in talks. Which I assume means that Affleck had something along the lines of first right of refusal or the like.

    Here’s the question, though. Consider that Man of Steel 2 had to become Dawn of Justice and the springboard for the hastily conceived DCCU. Consider that it became that after the first film underperformed (according to Warner Brothers) at the box office. Consider finally that Warner Brothers hardly ever has one of their non-Nolanverse DC movies perform to their crazy expectations. What happens if Dawn of Justice doesn’t do madcap Avengers numbers…then what does the solo Bat-film become? Source.

  • Neil Cross is very busy. In addition to working on an HBO show about a paranormal apartment with Darren Aronofsky, the makes-our-teeth-hurt American version of Luther, and a feature film version of Day of the Triffids, he’s going to bring Sapphire & Steel back. What the hell was that? Here you go:
  • Doctor Who, in a desperate attempt to get me to watch again, has enlisted a particular actress for at least some part of this upcoming season. Here’s the trailer from the BBC:
  • Iron Giant: Signature Edition Poster

  • The Iron Giant: Signature Edition is a thing. Brad Bird is going to make some announcements regarding it this weekend. In the meantime, he put the full poster on his Twitter.
  • The Sherlock special is coming…and a first look has surfaced. It’s fantastic.


  • Terminator: Genisys doesn’t have a Blu-Ray street date yet, but it is available on Amazon for pre-order. If they stack it with features, it might be worth checking out.