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Headsup: Inspector Lewis: The Complete Series on DVD


Inspector Lewis (or simply Lewis as it’s known in the UK) is the highly successful spinoff from the much-loved Inspector Morse series, which featured Robert “Robbie” Lewis in the sidekick role of Inspector Morse’s sergeant.  Now promoted to Detective Inspector, Lewis and his sergeant James Hathaway pursue posh criminals against the beautiful backdrop of Oxford, England (which many fans love as much as the characters themselves).  The show ran for nine seasons (ending in 2015) and only stopped because the stars, Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox, decided they wanted to go on to other things (especially understandable on Whately’s part, as he had been playing Lewis since 1987).  Both actors delivered well-executed performances throughout the run of the show, even earning the pair the UK’s Crime Thriller Award (how fun is that?) for “Best Detective Duo” in 2012.

Out today is the DVD set of the entire series, which includes all 33 episodes plus an hour of nice bonus material featuring a special on the making of the show along with an interview with Kevin Whately on what it’s been like playing Lewis over the past three decades (which sounds like an immense amount of time until you compare it to William Roache and his 56-year run as Ken Barlow on Coronation Street).

Fans of the show who are Amazon Prime members can stream all but the final season for free, and barring that you may be able to catch some episodes on PBS (depending on your local station).  If, however, you want to have access to all the episodes without having to follow your local TV schedule (and/or the bonus material is super important to you), you can get the DVD set on Amazon for $68.99, or about $2.10 per episode.