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Headsup: Twilight Zone Sets Galore!


Out now from CBS/Paramount are multiple Twilight Zone sets just in time for holiday shopping.  They have large, medium, and small options, with pricing to match pretty much any budget if you have over $5 to splurge on a gift (or yourself).  Here they are from large to small:


The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension – Perfect for the mega-fan, this is a limited edition 41-disc (yes, you read that correctly) DVD box set.  It includes both the original series and the one from the 1980s as well as more than twenty hours of bonus features.  It is currently available on Amazon for $159.99.

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series – This 25-disc DVD set includes all 156 episodes of the original series.  No bonus features on this one, but you still get to see your favorite storylines and guest stars (including Ron Howard, Burt Reynolds, Carol Burnett, and about half of the Star Trek cast members) along with some pretty awesome box art so it looks snazzy on the shelf.  You can get this one on Amazon for $46.95.

The Twilight Zone: Definitive Editions – The Definitive Editions DVD series features both single seasons and a complete series set.  On Amazon, the Complete Series (28-disc) set goes for $95.99.  Special features include radio dramas and interviews with the cast and crew as well as audio commentaries.


The Twilight Zone: Fan Favorites and The Twilight Zone: More Fan Favorites – These 5-disc DVD sets each have their own collection of favorite episodes (episode breakdowns are on the CBS Store site) and are both on Amazon; Fan Favorites is both on DVD and on Blu-ray (currently $17.99 / $19.99) and includes 19 episodes (note: the Blu-ray is a 2-disc set).  More Fan Favorites is only on DVD (currently $16.88) and has 20 episodes.  (Not sure why the pricing goes down when the episode count goes up on these, but there you have it.)

The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes – This two-disc DVD set features 17 episodes from the original series.  You can purchase it on Amazon for $14.96, which evens out to around 88 cents per episode–not bad!


The Twilight Zone: Classic TV Beginnings – A good starter for someone who has never seen the series (or wants to jump back in), this set has the first ten episodes from the original season on DVD.  You can snag it on Amazon for $12.98.

The Twilight Zone: Classic Christmas Episodes – This DVD set is comprised of two classic Twilight Zone episodes, including the holiday episode “The Night of the Meek” and “Five Characters in Search of an Exit.” Currently priced at only $4.50 on Amazon, it’s a great low-budget holiday gifting option.