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Black Phoenix: Here Be Dragons

Old Map of North America
Where is Petertree Street on this thing?

DragonCon. The convention that is about to take over Atlanta is only a few days away. You know the maniacs of Need Coffee will be there. Presumably, Widge will post some sort of schedule, but honestly when Widge is in pre-DragonCon prep, it’s better to stay away from the screaming. Of course, Need Coffee isn’t the only reason to come to DragonCon. They quite literally have at least one panel track for whatever geeky interest you have. Their Exhibitors and Dealers rooms have taken over the entire AmericasMart building. Speaking of, our friends at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab are also coming to sell wonderful perfumes to tantalize your nose. And they always brew up an exclusive set of perfumes for the con.

This year, we have what Black Phoenix is calling Dragon Marginalia. What is it? Well, dragons are most known for their fire breath, their appetite for destruction, and their antipathy for anyone in armor. But dragons are so much more than the end boss of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Black Phoenix wants to show the dragons’ less… WMD aspects. For instance, there is Badgered By Dragons, a mix of dark chocolate, coffee absolute, sugar cane, caramel, and tobacco. You see, like any pet, a dragon wants a treat and is perfectly willing to pester you until he gets it. Now, a dragon’s taste is a touch more sophisticated so chocolates, coffee, and cigarettes are appropriate instead of jerky or catnip. Then there is Dragon With A Jaunty Cap. Come on, what giant lizard isn’t improved by some haberdashery. Especially cocked at a rakish angle. The scent is a delightful strawberry red musk chypre. Personally, I would have gone with raspberry, but maybe that’s too on the nose. Even more adorable is Dragon Smooch. Can’t you just see Daenerys Targaryen getting sweet little pecks from her dragon brood? [Obligatory Game Of Thrones reference] The scent is just as sweet with honeyed mint and peach marshmallow.

There are more to discover of the softer side of dragons but you’ll have to come to DragonCon. So go to Booth 1317 and 1319 on the first floor of AmericasMart to check out all Black Phoenix’s scents, hair gloss, atmosphere sprays and so much more. Tell them Need Coffee sent you. Or ‘scent’ you. Oh, I’m funny.