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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 24: The Bird With the Crystal Plumage!

Bird With the Crystal Plumage

We begin tonight with a glance at that classic show that is probably better known these days (to the kids, at least) as a song. But it was great stuff. It’s One Step Beyond, of course. Acknowledging the music, though, let’s take a gander at one of Mike Patton’s fifty-seven musical projects, Fantomas, giving us a live rendition of the show’s music.

That’s from Director’s Cut Live: A New Year’s Resolution, which you can snag from Amazon.

Now, an episode of the show itself. John Newland hosts and sets up for “Anniversary of a Murder.”

I don’t think all of the seasons have been released on DVD…not in their entirety at least. And there are a number of “Best of” releases. But best place to find it is included for free with Amazon Prime. Don’t have Prime? You get a 30-Day trial for free. You know what has less than thirty days left in it? The month of October. I’m just saying.

And now, in the interests of equal time.

And now for tonight’s feature presentation. We take you to 1970 and the directorial debut of Dario Argento, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. While living in Rome, a writer witnesses an attempted murder and then tries to help the authorities to catch the serial killer. But things are never that easy, are they?

The film is available from Amazon.