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32 Days of Halloween X, Day 32: Night of the Living Dead!

Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Well, sorry to be so predictable. But there’s no better film to watch on Halloween and our traditional way of ending 32 Days: Night of the Living Dead. The original. You know, the good one. I finally saw it on the big screen just a week or so ago–and it was the 4K restoration. Seeing it in a cinema with an audience was kind of amazing. Here’s a brief Q&A held at the Museum of Modern Art after a screening there. You’ve got left to right: Papa George Romero, producer and “Johnny” Russell Streiner, and sound engineer Gary Streiner.

Of course, this time it’s a bit bittersweet since we lost Papa George back in July to lung cancer. But as I’ve said before and shall keep expounding: how many people can say they basically invented a subgenre? Not damn many. Romero left us films that are absolutely timeless and pop culture would look very different today if we had never been graced with him on the planet. RIP, Papa George. Thanks for everything.

And thank you for coming along on this GAH! tenth year of this mayhem. Mayhap we’ll see you again next year.