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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 10: Dr. Renault’s Secret!

Dr. Renaults Secret

For tonight’s Halloween madness, before we get to our feature from 1942, we need to stop back with what’s probably the only spoken word bit I have yet to post from Closed on Account of Rabies, the amazing two-disc Poe tribute from 1997 that I can’t believe is still out of print. But hey, at least the used prices seem to have come down since the last time I looked. This is Marianne Faithfull reading “Annabel Lee.” Please excuse the unnecessary imagery.

We go back to Paul Frees for this next bit. In 1970, he put out an album of him impersonating famous voices, but covering other people’s songs. It’s very wrong. Here’s Boris Karloff covering Dusty Springfield.

Last but not least, we come to Dr. Renault’s Secret, which was inspired by the novel The Wizard by Gaston Leroux, he of Phantom of the Opera fame. The theme is along the lines of Man Playing God, a perennial go-to of horror/mad scientist flicks. Enjoy!