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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 21: Scream, Baby, Scream!

Scream Baby Scream 1969

Before we get to tonight’s feature film…do you remember the times that George Romero produced short segments for Mr. Rogers? No? Neither did I. But apparently Bloody Disgusting was able to find one.

You might be wondering: “Well, if Mr. Rogers knew George Romero? Did Rogers ever see something, like, say, Dawn of the Dead?” Why yes. Yes he did.

This got me thinking about other kids’ programs and what they might have gotten up to in regards to “scary” stuff. While I remembered that Morgan Freeman had played Dracula on Electric Company, I didn’t remember these absolutely brilliant bits also featuring Jim Boyd and Luis Avalos.

What happens when a mad artist decides to use human beings as canvases for his own twisted ideas for works of art? Let’s just say that we’re all lucky the antagonist of Scream, Baby, Scream didn’t get any ideas about shredding from Banksy. Enjoy!

  • Mr. Rogers is currently available from Amazon Prime Video.
  • Electric Company is available from Amazon Prime Video and on DVD.
  • Scream, Baby, Scream is currently out of print.
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