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32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 23: Back From the Dead!

Back From the Dead (1957)

We’ll get to this evening’s feature filled with possession and mayhem in a moment. But first, we go to the immortal Spike Jones and “I Was a Teenage Brain Surgeon” with vocals by the equally immortal Thurl Ravenscroft.

Now it’s 1930 and Laurel and Hardy time. After being out of work for years, the duo see that Laurel’s relative (maybe?) has passed away and there might be inheritance to be had. So it’s off to the reading of the will…but things are never that simple. Is the house haunted? Has a murder been committed? Find out here…

And now…Back From the Dead from 1957. When you’re the second wife after your husband’s first wife has passed away, it’s got to be rough going to begin with. But when his first wife comes back and possesses your body in order to get revenge on the living, well, suck factor is high. Enjoy.