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Things: Chai Caramels, Cookie Dough & Butter Cake

Marich Chai Tea Caramels

These…are Chai Tea Caramels from Marich. They are chai tea flavored caramel surrounded by white chocolate. Addictive? Oh hell yes. As a fan of all things chocolate (including white chocolate, even though I know it’s not technically chocolate, but whatever) and a big fan of chai, this is something that you should only buy about twelve balls of at a time. This is mostly because whatever you buy you will probably consume in one go. You’ve been warned.

Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks Snackable Dough

Did you know Ben and Jerry’s now sells just cookie dough bits? Yes, it’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream hold the ice cream. Snackable Dough is what they’re calling it, available in chocolate chip and peanut butter flavors. And while this is a brilliant idea on their part–for me, anyway, it’s not a really good standalone thing to nosh on. Is it the fact that this is edible cookie dough and I prefer the risk involved in eating actual raw cookie dough? (That’s right. I live on the MF’in edge.) Not sure. What I do know, though, is that this is the perfect addition to…well, any dessert. Brownie? Ice cream sundae? Top it with this stuff. Perhaps I should top some raw cookie dough with this. (THE MF’IN EDGE) Anyway, it’s probably lurking somewhere near the ice cream section of your local grocery store.

Jenis Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream

I have recently discovered Jeni’s Ice Cream. They have made their way into the Atlanta area, intent on teaming up with the existing cadre of ice cream companies who have banded together specifically to ensure that my waist never returns to normal. This is Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream. “Cream cheese ice cream layered with crumbles of vanilla cake and a swirl of caramel-butterscotch sauce.” So yes, you may recall that I have, on more than one occasion, stated that the base of particular ice cream flavor was so good it should have been released on its own. Not so with this. It’s too good. If released on its own, I would eat it until an emergency room visit was in order. Premium ice cream companies have started doing something that I greatly enjoy: when they have a cake ice cream, they put actual cake in the ice cream. Not the flavor of cake. Not the essence of cake. Cake. So you get nice little chunks of cake, which, when combined with the sauce, makes for a devastating combination. I don’t believe I’ve ever had an actual gooey butter cake, but if they taste as good as this, then it’s probably for the best I’ve never made their acquaintance. I would be dead by now, I am certain.