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Polar Popcorn: Like Popcorn, Only Colder

David Klein, Candyman

Do you know the name David Klein? I did not. I certainly should have, because he’s the guy who created one of my favorite candies: Jelly Bellies. (Inevitably, each Xmas, I wind up getting one if not two large assortments because people know my weakness for the damn things.) Also, I should have known him because anyone who can effectively wear a candy sombrero is definitely worth knowing.

One of his most recent projects was handled through Kickstarter: Polar Popcorn. So of course I threw in with the lot because this guy is A) apparently damn good at coming up with tasty candies and 2) a veritable hoot.

The idea behind Polar Popcorn is this: take popcorn with birthday cake, caramel and sprinkles on it and eat it. Or, if you can wait twenty minutes, throw it in the freezer and once it’s cold you get cold popcorn with birthday cake, caramel and sprinkles on it.

The goodness arrived in two-ounce metallic bags that are pretty much just the right size because they’re easy to fit in a crowded freezer. Also, this is the sort of thing that you’ll probably eat the entire bag of…so the bag being two ounces instead of, say, twenty, means that you’ll probably damage yourself less than you might otherwise.

Polar Popcorn

I didn’t get a lot of caramel taste, but it was mostly just a nice, thickly coated white chocolate popcorn experience. And it is very tasty, but I must admit it’s at a bit of a disadvantage. I don’t know how prevalent such places are, but in Atlanta we have a popcorn store that sells two-hundred plus flavors of popcorn, including white chocolate popcorn. And this tastes just like white chocolate popcorn put in the freezer for twenty minutes, which is not surprising, because that’s…basically what it is.

So is it tasty? Why yes. Do I appreciate what makes it unique? Not as such. Am I glad I supported it? Yes, both for the Jelly Belly legacy and the candy sombrero. And I’d throw coin at Klein’s next project for the same reasons.

Once the Kickstarter project is done shipping goodies to people, there should be more of the popcorn available for sale at the Polar Popcorn site.