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Stuff: Never Mind the Cats, Check Out the Armored Bear

Lee Scoresbys balloon from His Dark Materials

There’s too much information out there. Especially when it comes to Comic-Con weekend. But don’t worry. Go on with your lives. I sift through this stuff so you don’t have to.

Because the Night is a four-part series coming to ITV across the pond (and then to the States and elsewhere eventually, of course) from Neil Cross, based on his novel Burial. Cross is the man who brought you Idris Elba as Luther, the first series of which is some of the most nail-biting television I’ve ever seen. As for the title, yes, I too finished it with “belongs to lovers.” Source.

Cats has been in development hell for forever, and now there’s actually a trailer. And the reaction to this on the net has shown me that I am apparently one of five people who doesn’t detest the musical and perhaps the only person who doesn’t think this trailer looks like rubbish. They have CG cat costumes on. So what? Most of them look a lot like the Broadway costumes. Anyway. Trailer.

His Dark Materials is coming to HBO/BBC and it looks…pretty amazing. The cast is dead on…and if you haven’t read the books, you probably don’t know what the hell is happening in this trailer. Which is fine. But if they actually make it to book three, I’m going to stop and someone’s going to have to tell me if they fix the ending or not. Because that ending makes me so angry I could punch bunnies. Anyway. Trailer.

IT Chapter Two looks gloriously messed up. If we can avoid the Tonka Toy ending of the miniseries, then I’m good. (And remember: that wasn’t my criticism, that was King’s.)

Terminator: Dark Fate looks excellent. Apparently Edward Furlong is back as John Connor, which is…really surprising. Here’s the featurette from San Diego. (And incidentally, speaking of being only one of five people, I’m only one of five people who enjoyed Terminator: Genisys.)

Top Gun: Maverick barely counts as something you need to know, but I’ve included it here because the Tom Cruise-in-the-cockpit “dashcam” bits look pretty amazing.