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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 1: The Black Cat (1941)!

Black Cat (1941)

Oh my stars and garters, the time has come round again. It’s the TWELFTH (sweet Jebus) iteration of 32 Days of Halloween, in which October reaches out and snags the end of September…because thirty-one days just isn’t enough to enjoy the First Halloween of the year. So we’ll get to what’s wrong with Bela Lugosi (above) in a second. First…

One and Only PPL MVR

It’s one of my new favorite bands just for the glorious weirdness that they bring to the table. It’s The One and Only PPL MVR (yes, that’s People Mover, in…humanspeak, I guess). Want to know more about them? Good luck. From their official site, we glean thus:

[They are] an ancient, original species who come to worship, and be worshiped, they are People Movers… A band of unknown origin, the one and only PPL MVR explores myth and mystery through hefty guitar riffs and transmogrified vocals.

I discovered them through their recent Prince cover, which is the first of my #TrackoftheDay/32 Days of Halloween ongoing crossover. Enjoy this madness:

And if you’d like to know more, check out this amazing in-depth interview.

Now, before we get to the feature attraction, let’s take a short commercial break, shall we? Did anybody else have these? I haven’t thought about these in aeons…

So we come to tonight’s feature film: The Black Cat from 1941. You might think it’s based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe, and you’re half-right. It’s supposed to be, but considering all the posters I saw for this thing misspell his name…well, adhering to the work is not a priority. Instead, an old woman is surrounded by loving family members waiting for her to die so they can get their money. Add an annoying supposedly funny guy (Hugh Herbert) and an underutilized but very weird Bela Lugosi, and you have…this: