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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 4: The Manster!

The Manster

So we kick off today’s festivities with a classic track…and indeed, a live version of said track. It’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with “I Put a Spell on You.” Yes, this is the originator of that song, boys and girls. But this is from ten years after its release, and purports to be the earliest known footage of Hawkins performing this. And I have to say: oh, what I would give to be in that room full of white people and watch them watching this.

Now, it’s off to a trailer for a documentary about something I’ve spoken of at length…and people a bit younger than me aren’t going to have a clue about. But what I say is this: these days, you can get a costume that makes you look like, for example, Captain America. With muscles, shield, the whole nine yards. Pretty damn good costumes, to be honest. Back in the day (Wednesday), we didn’t have the technology to pull that off. So instead, you were trick or treating as the concept of Captain America. That’s why there would be a picture on your chest of the logo and Cap throwing his shield. Very seldom did you get to be the character itself. Oh, and the plastic masks would try to slice your eyeballs out. But never mind that for the moment. Halloween in a Box tells the story of those days and the companies behind it. Ah, nostalgia. Kids, watch this, then ask your parents.

It’s available for rent from Amazon Video.

Every now and again, I come across a film that I’ve somehow missed even hearing about. Which is weird, because I’ve been sifting through the morass of sci-fi and horror flicks for 32 Days of Halloween for going on twelve years now. So even those I haven’t used or can’t find or something…I’ve at least heard of them. But not this from 1961…The Monster! At first glance, it seems like a different take on The Thing With Two Heads. But instead, you have another mad scientist working at…well, let’s just say I’m pretty sure evolution doesn’t work like this. But no matter.

The Manster is available from Amazon in various flavors.