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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 7: Frankenstein!

Frankenstein (1931)

Out of the starting gates, we go to our #TrackoftheDay. And this time, it’s 1953 and Eartha Kitt with “I Want to Be Evil.” This is a “music video” (or as close as you could get at the time), obviously lip synced on some show with a live audience. And yes, for those of you keeping score, this song came out fourteen years before she took on the role of Catwoman. Talk about a long time to hear back about an audition.

Next, we advance slightly to 1958 and some more Mr. Karloff. We’ve talked about this show before: created in 1958, it was cancelled after the production of ten episodes and they were never broadcast anywhere. Which is just weird. Regardless, here is the episode “Girl on the Road.”

For tonight’s feature, we back up to 1931 and yeah, it’s Karloff again. In his signature role of Frankenstein’s monster. The greatest of the adaptations, directed by James Whale and co-starring Edward Van Sloan (who is on hand for the introduction), it’s truly immortal. Enjoy.

The Eartha Kitt album That Bad Eartha can be snagged here in various media. The Veil can be grabbed on DVD here. And the best version of Frankenstein is available on Blu-Ray.