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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 32: The Tradition Continues…

Night of the Living Dead

So we’re here: First Halloween at last. And if you’ve been here with us previously, you know what tonight’s pick is. But first, our #TrackoftheDay. This is “The Gonk,” by Herbert Chappell, and quite familiar to fans of both Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead. It’s a strange song, to be honest, mostly because I can’t entirely figure out what the story behind it is.

It’s got a sub-title (but only when it’s listed certain places) of “(Seeing & Doing).” What the hell does that mean? Not entirely sure. If you go to the De Wolfe Music Library (where you can license the song), it lists it as “Seeing and Doing Theme Tune.” And there was a Seeing and Doing TV show that started in 1971…but the two clips of it I’ve found online have a completely different tune. No idea.

Also. What exactly is a “Gonk”? Well, apart from being something odd that transpires when Orson Welles is recording an advertisement, it was a novelty toy that originated in the 1960s. That would fit when the song was composed, because I’ve been able to track it back to 1965. But…does the song fit with the toy? Hell if I know. Does the toy have a tendency to see or do? No freaking clue.

I also wanted to make sure I had the date right, and that it hadn’t been written for something else–I put the question out in the universe, with a bit saying that Edgar Wright might know. Sure enough, Edgar Wright responded: “I’m pretty sure it’s DeWolfe library music. Not written for anything.”

So there you have it. The mystery song that may or may not be for something else, but was mostly definitely catapulted to stardom by Dawn of the Dead. Oh, and a ladies’ bra ad, though I haven’t been able to find that online either.

If there’s one question I get from our readers about our ongoing 32 Days of Halloween mayhem, it’s “When will you let us go so we can see our families again?” A close second for most popular question is: “Why don’t we get more Beach Boys in 32 Days?” Well, thanks to your friend and mine, Jay Wade Edwards, you finally have some.

Then, we come to the ending of the whole shebang. Every year, our feature film is Night of the Living Dead, because it’s easier than trying to come up with a new ultimate movie every time. Because this is my favorite horror movie, and it should be viewed at least once a year. Thanks for playing, everybody.