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21 May 2020 Playlist: An Easier Way to Make a Living

Lou Costello, about to perform some maths

Almost to the weekend now. Which can be good if you’re off work and get back to your bunker. Not so great if you need anything from the world and have to deal with the unmasked hordes. Whatever the case is: watch your ass out there. But in here, just enjoy this instead.

  • We begin with live Thelonious Monk. Yes, the thumbnail above doesn’t show that. But it will make sense later.
  • A WIRED video about how science can screw with your head.
  • Another Netflix trailer: The Old Guard. Oh yes.
  • Lou Costello wants to help home school your kids with some maths.
  • Another compilation of celebrity silliness from The Graham Norton Show.
  • Living Colour performing live from the 1990s.
  • And to wrap us up, some amazing fiction from Dylan Moran.