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Functioning Through the Fear: A Conversation With John Balser

(Widge’s note: This interview is about the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: nothing in this needs to be considered medical advice, and this is not a substitute for keeping up to date on the latest scientific findings on your own. This pandemic is an ongoing, ever-changing situation. So wear a mask, keep your social distancing game on point, educate yourself, and be safe out there.)

Recently Thespia sat down with John Balser of the Army Medical Specialist Corps to talk about the COVID-19 phenomenon, how to encourage your brain to work for rather than against you in threatening situations, and what we can learn from members of the military about not only surviving, but remaining functional through the fear that accompanies a long-term danger scenario.

PLEASE NOTE: Our guest is speaking as a private citizen who has a military and medical background.  His words should in no way be construed as official messaging from the U.S. government, armed forces, or any other agency.