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32 Days of Halloween XIII Begins Here!

Quick! To the Gourdmobile!

That’s right, friends. Fiends. Whoever the hell you are. It’s September 30th. And that means October, realm of the coolest holiday of them all, will reach out once more to grab today and make it is own. Because thirty-one days are not sufficient to have the sort of party that Halloween demands. And let’s fact it, considering how the year has gone, we all deserve a Halloween party.

Coming down the PVC pipe that I’ve installed at the window of the second story of our house so I can safely slide trick or treat candy at you, you can expect movies, songs, animation…whatever the hell we feel like hurling at your craniums.

I think to start us off, though…we need a bit of a fun classic to set the tone. Thus…over to Judy Garland.

That’s from her 1959 live album Garland at the Grove. That’s available from Amazon for just $8 on MP3, or less than that on CD when you want to have it to keep forever.

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Let the party begin.