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The Black Torment! (1964)

32 Days of Halloween XIII
Movie Night #29

The Black Torment (1964)

Period horror is the name of the game here. Sir Richard returns to his family home to introduce his new bride to his father, only to find that the countryside appears to be haunted by the ghost of his first wife (awkward) and…himself? Are these shenanigans or has Sir Richard somehow been committing crimes without his knowledge?

Robert Hartford-Davis directed it, who also directed a film called Incense for the Damned. I have been in more than one shop where I swear I have smelled a stick of that burning.

“What is that incense supposed to be?”
“It’s called Pan Pipe of Purity.”
“No, that’s Incense for the Damned, isn’t it?”

John Turner is Sir Richard, and you’ll no doubt recognize him as Spode from Jeeves & Wooster. His new wife Elizabeth is played by Heather Sears, who played Christine in the 1962 Phantom of the Opera with Herbert Lom. Enjoy.

It’s available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon here.