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Danny Elfman is “Happy,” Which Makes Me Happy, and Quite Frankly I’m Worried About Both of Us

Oh shit, it’s happening. After years of me wanting more Boingo or more Elfman or something, he’s got a new single out. Not to mention an appropriate music video to go along with.

And the thing is…Danny Elfman can be quite disturbed and disturbing. But he can compose musical scores that you might not even realize were him they were so…delightful and “normal.” (This is not a put down in the least.) Like Big Fish? Okay, well, that was Tim Burton, so the first guess is always Elfman with Burton. Okay, Good Will Hunting then. Right. See what I mean?

Anyway, I hope we get a full album. I’m writing to Santa immediately.

(Please Note: the following is absolutely not the same song “Happy” that Danny Elfman had on the Summer School soundtrack. Absolutely. Not.)