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Why You Should Watch Assembled: The Making of WandaVision

NOTE: DON’T read this if you haven’t seen all of WandaVision yet.

What annoys me are those articles like “Here are the 12 Things We Learned From Listening to the Commentary for Ninjashark vs. Deathkoala 2: Koala Harder.” Go listen to the freaking commentary. I guarantee you it’s more interesting. So, anyway, in other words, I’m not here to chew your food for you (though I am frequently mistaken for a premasticating gull).

However, here are some reasons why you should watch.

  1. Watch it so they make more of these. Granted, yes, they already have this Assembled docuseries primed and ready to rock. And yes, this is material that could easily go onto the Blu-Ray release. But if nobody watches, things go away. Note: this is different from Netflix, where it doesn’t matter who’s watching, things go away regardless.
  2. You get to see director Matt Shakman’s childhood Marvel costumes. They are stunning. None of this “muscle suit for an eight year old” stuff kids have these days. Nope. These are vintage gold.
  3. You get to see what Vision looks like on the set. It’s not what you would expect. Also, you get to see what Vision has to look like to make the black and white episode work. Also also, the answer to the question that has plagued mankind for centuries: where did Paul Bettany’s ears go?
  4. You get to see a metric fuckton of behind the scenes wirework. That final battle sequence was apparently like Crouching Tiger for crying out loud. 
  5. You get more on the brilliant way they snuck the classic comic book looks into the Halloween episode. And I want to say again: when conventions come back, if I don’t see a bunch of people cosplaying “Bad MCU Halloween Costumes” as inspired by that episode, then we have simply failed as a species.
  6. You get a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the process to create the live studio audience episode. And if you didn’t know the extent to which they went to make it authentic, you will.
  7. You hear from the people who made the awesome theme songs. And about the motif I didn’t catch, since I am only music-adjacent.
  8. You hear from Evan Peters and about Evan Peters’ appearance. It’s what you don’t hear about his appearance I find…intriguing.
  9. You hear from pretty much everybody in the cast. And you will come to the same conclusion I did: that whatever Teyonah Parris is on, I need it. Because she is a hoot.
  10. You get one of my favorite things in a behind the scenes: going from no CG to CG in layers so you can appreciate what it looks like. A regret: we didn’t get something like this for Paul Bettany as Vision. Because I think this video did quite a bit to convince everybody what a badass Andy Serkis is, no matter how much ape you pile on him.

I do wish we could have gotten more stuff on the library fight, but that’s me. Never satisfied.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the show at all, watch it. Because it takes a ton of effort to make something like this happen. It is impressive stuff and it should be appreciated.