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Your Weekend Justice #292: Getting Vaccinated in a Fictional Town

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash. Cropped.

That’s because when you combine them and wind them up all, they open a gateway to hell.

– Madman

This episode was recorded March 30, 2021. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And since nobody involved is innocent, no names were changed.


  • Fucking with Widge’s head about audio quality
  • Bragging about screens
  • How to record podcasts on a budget
  • Zoom and paranoia
  • Post-jab recovery
  • Racism, focused like chi
  • How to get around bullshit racist voting laws
  • Ill-advised adventures in Forsyth County
  • Everything’s different in Florida
  • Thinking too much about Falcon and Winter Soldier
  • JJ plays “misty” for You
  • Upcoming MCU
  • Justice for Black Widow
  • Wear a mask when you are out with your alpaca
  • James Gunn, hero
  • Alamo Drafthouse, we need you
  • Adult theatre advertising
  • Mondo’s Letterpress Collection
  • The gadgets Rox’s boyfriend doesn’t want
  • Tolkien’s writing house
  • The thing about crowdsurfing
  • The clean street urchins of The Irregulars
  • While science is united…
  • The joy of behind the scenes stuff
  • It’s Wes Anderson’s reality, we only live in it
  • Why Bill Murray should be in Justice League
  • Controlling access to Black Twitter
  • Steppenwolf vs. Colossus
  • NECA Gargoyles are so pretty
  • Personal rules for collecting
  • The Cosby Realm
  • Doing things for Spielberg, nice guy
  • Mighty Ducks
  • Summoning Dom
  • Madman’s swank chair
  • Thrift shopping with Angelo Moore

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