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Coloso, The Friendly Albeit Slightly Creepy Electrical Giant!

Just saw this mentioned on an episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight when discussing how to make bigass power pylons look like something other than run of the mill, boring power pylons. It’s Coloso! Here you can see it in action:

Now, John’s a bit freaked out that it will wink at you. But that’s not what creeps me out. It’s that I’ve seen it stated online that its colors reflect its mood. And you can see from the video: it does change colors. It has a really strange looking…grin? Is that what the zig zag means? Its eyes blink rapidly. What I find creepy is I don’t know what any of that means. I tried to find info online–even found the art collective that created Coloso–and there’s no info.

When it’s winking, is it saying, “Sorry about that brownout, you know how it goes”? When it’s blinking rapidly, is it saying, “Holy shit, that was a surge and a half”? That zig zag smile thing, does that mean “Sacrifice one of your children to me or I will kill you all”? I would want to know these things. Luckily, Coloso is in Buenos Aires so if it decides to go on a killing spree, I’ll have some advance warning before it makes it this far north.

You can see the full segment from John Oliver’s show below:

Image: Collabcubed.