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The Clown That Painted a Smile On You

So years ago, I inadvertently started a tradition on my Facebook. I don’t remember who I did this for first, but I started giving out “scary birthday clowns” for the birthdays of some of my friends. Any clown will work for this purpose because, as we all know, all clowns are scary. (For friends who work in a horror-related industry, I give them “scary birthday accountants” instead. It’s a long story.)

Every so often I go trawling the internet for more scary clowns to use. And somehow, I ran across this:

Most of you are probably thinking “Jesus, WTF horror movie is that from?” But some of you know the answer: it’s a clown from the liner note artwork of Mr. Bungle’s self-titled album. (Kids ask your parents about what “liner notes” were.)

Anyway, those of you who perused the liner notes would know that art was taken from a 1989 comic by Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman: “A Cotton Candy Autopsy.” This was the first issue of Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, published by Piranha Press, which was a DC Comics imprint. I realize while I’ve read that story, I haven’t actually sought out the rest of the series. I should remedy that. (Though maybe from the library…? Because copies are not cheap. Kids ask your parents about libraries too.)

Here is a video someone made of those images. Be warned: it’s disturbing. I don’t mean just because of clowns.

All of this to explain where that insane mask comes from. I found it on Mr. Bungle’s official merch site. And if you compare it to the artwork…it’s pretty incredible. Also, the site says:

Mask either comes with closed eyes (for display purposes) or open eyes, allowing you the ability to wear the mask and see out it. You will be able to choose your option before purchase.

If I had the budget, I would buy one of each, honestly. Well, if I had the budget, I’d buy one to start with. They are $149.99. But quality costs, man.