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RIP David Warner

David Warner was all over the screens of any self-respecting pop culture geek. In addition to those in the video above, you’ve got a number of Star Trek roles, the voice of Ra’s Al Ghul in the universe of Batman: The Animated Series, multiple Doctor Who audios, Twin Peaks, and scads more. He was just…brilliant. And now, he’s died at age 80 due to cancer.

While everyone is sharing some of their favorite roles–and I’d be hard pressed to give you mine, it sort of depends on the day–I thought we’d go to one I had initially learned of watching the documentary Imagine: Being Hamlet from across the pond. There I learned that Warner had been cast in Peter Hall’s production of Hamlet in 1965 at the ripe old age of 24. So here’s a bit of that now:

Mr. Warner, thank you for everything. Rest well.