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Ice Cream Rustlers Must Be a Serious Problem

The Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock. A locking mechanism made from black plastic with a combination to theoretically keep people out of your pint of ice cream.

Do you have a roommate who can’t leave your ice cream alone? Do you have young people who need to stay out of your boozy ice cream pints? Do you need to take the combination and write it down on a piece of paper and freeze that piece of paper in a block of ice so you can’t just inhale an entire pint of ice cream without some effort? (Granted, if necessary, I think I’d chew through the lid–but it’s the thought that counts.)

Yes, that’s right. Ben & Jerry’s apparently has a pint-lock available. I stumbled across this on Amazon. There might be a weird market for this because one commenter was trying to ask how this could prevent you just cutting out the bottom of the pint and circumventing this security device. (Answer: it can’t.)

Someone else in the comments mentioned it was cheaper on the Ben & Jerry’s website…but I couldn’t find it for sale on there. So if you want this, either for practical reasons or just for the novelty of it, might want to snag it now.

Or you could, you know, just buy a second pint.

UPDATE: According to Amazon, this was first available in 2013? I’ve searched Amazon for “Ben & Jerry’s” numerous times* and never seen it before…how is that possible?

* Strictly for research purposes. Of course.