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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 17: Little Shop of Horrors (1960)!

To kick off today’s festivities, we have a track by Clutch (your friends and mine) that we’ve featured before. However, I must’ve missed the music video, because it is completely and utterly in our jurisdiction.

Next, we’re back to Boris Karloff and his show, Thriller, from 1960. It’s an episode that makes me worry about my method of finding glasses frames for cheap at Unclaimed Baggage. Hmm.

And now, we’re staying in 1960. Before the cancelled remake (Boo!), before the movie, before the musical…there was the first movie. Yes, it all began because Roger Corman wanted to shoot a movie quickly and on the cheap and…well, this happened. What I find amusing is that if you looked at the covers of this that came out in later years, you’d think Jack Nicholson was the star and perhaps playing Seymour? Nope. He’s playing the equivalent of the Bill Murray character from the other movie. In fact, it’s the one time you’re going to see the biggest “oh hey, I know that guy” character actor Dick Miller come before Jack Nicholson’s name in the credits of a film. Enjoy.