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Garth Marenghi & the Flay Bells

Garth Marenghi is simply one of the greatest and most prolific horror writers of our time. If you don’t believe me, watch this commercial. It’s a television commercial, so it must be true.

And it wasn’t enough for him to have written literally hundreds of books. He and his publisher, Dean Learner, teamed up in the 1980s to create a TV horror series that was so shocking and so cutting edge, it never aired. But footage from the series had been found in 2004, enough to make a six episode series. Darkplace is a cult classic. Here’s some samples as to why:

Now he’s written a new book, Terrortome, which is available for purchase on Amazon. This is why he resurfaced (at last) on The Russell Howard Hour and read some holiday horror.

He’s done a book tour within the UK and has additional dates coming up next year. If you have the chance to go and get your copy of the book signed by the manshee himself, just know that I hate you. With great respect.