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If you want NOSTALGIA…

For a record-breaking fourteen seasons and 435 episodes, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet™ aired on ABC-TV from 1952 through 1966, becoming one of the most cherished cultural touchstones of the twentieth century. The gentle humor of the prolific and popular sitcom was brought to the screen by the real-life Nelson family: Ozzie and wife Harriet with their sons David and Rick, all portraying themselves in a trend-setting blend of fact-meets-fiction comedy decades before Seinfeld and other semi-reality based shows. — from MPI Media Group

If you like your nostalgia served in big Sam’s Club-sized releases, then we got you. The Official Restored Complete Series is 435 episodes across 50 discs. That’s all fourteen seasons of the show, including the rare final season (which was released in color). You know we like the bonus bits here, but sometimes things are big enough that we’re happy just to have them. However, this behemoth comes with featurettes, home movies, cast commercials, an episode from their radio show (one of 402 episodes produced–egad), the Christmas special and more. Fans of the show will definitely want this on their shelves. You can grab it from Amazon.

If you want ACTION…

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team embark on their most dangerous mission yet: To track down a terrifying new weapon that threatens all of humanity before it falls into the wrong hands. With the fate of the world at stake, a deadly race around the globe begins. Confronted by a mysterious, all-powerful enemy, Ethan is forced to consider that nothing can matter more than his mission – not even the lives of those he cares about most. — from Paramount

Mission: Impossible is a film franchise that has been upping the stakes with each release, and splitting the next story into two movies is certainly a demonstration of, well, serious upping. (Part Two of Dead Reckoning is due in 2025.) Also, it’s been a way for Tom Cruise to fulfill his dream of doing ludicrous stunts (how they get these films insured is beyond me). This release has a commentary from director Christopher McQuarrie and editor Eddie Hamilton as well as featurettes on each of the cities used. There are also the featurettes documenting the aforementioned insane stunts, deleted scenes, and a featurette focusing on the opening sequence. Overall, for the Cruise or Mission: Impossible fan, this is a no-brainer and be a welcome present to find under the tree. It’s available from Amazon.

If you want TEARS…

Terms of Endearment features a powerhouse cast including Debra Winger, Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, and John Lithgow. Originally released on November 23, 1983, the enduring classic follows the ups and downs of a mother-daughter relationship over the course of three decades with honesty, heart, and humor. — from Paramount

Usually when a release is branded with XXth Anniversary Edition, it’s the same thing with new (and only slightly altered) cover art. This release is a welcome surprise, sporting a new interview with director James L. Brooks and the film’s first time on 4K UHD. It also has a legacy commentary from Brooks as well as co-producer Penney Finkelman Cox, and production designer Polly Platt. Massive newness? No. But in a realm where you usually get zilch, this is pretty good, especially for the fan of the film, who will want to snag this. Locate it at Amazon.

If you want SCREAMS…

In 1969, young Jud Crandall dreams of leaving his hometown behind, but soon discovers sinister secrets buried within and is forced to confront a dark family history that forever binds him to Ludlow.  Banding together, Jud and his childhood friends must fight an ancient evil that has gripped the town since its founding, and once unearthed has the power to destroy everything in its path. — from Paramount

The fate of any financially successful film is clear: you’re getting either a sequel or prequel. With Pet Sematary, the prequel route was chosen, focusing on the backstory of Jud Crandall (previously played by John Lithgow or Fred Gwynne) and his relationship with the sematary in question. This release comes with featurettes covering the design, the acting, the final scene, and more. You can grab it from Amazon here.

If you want CHRISTMAS…

Frank Cross (Bill Murray) is an uncaring and unforgiving television executive whose live production of A Christmas Carol is more important to him than any true meaning of Christmas. Before the night is over, he’ll take a hilarious journey through his past and into the future to find redemption and put a little love in his heart. — from Paramount

Again, I went into this expecting a bunch of legacy bonus bits to accompany this light, funny Xmas movie. But no…the whole thing is pretty much new, starting with the 4K version of the film itself. You also get behind-the-scenes featurettes, some behind the scenes stuff with Murray, and a new commentary from the late Richard Donner. Fans of the film who have the appropriate rig to watch it will want to snag this, as the bonus bits make it worth the price of admission. Nab it from Amazon